Nail Trims:  $20.00 

If your pet is in need of a nail trim no need to take them to the vet or groomer, we will get it done in your home!    We do ask that you let us know if we need to have 1 or 2 people to help with the nail trim.  We will not trim dog nails that are extremely long since they have a greater chance of bleeding and it would be best to take them to the vet or groomer.

Yard Clean Up minimum of 30 minutes

$25.00 per half an hour

No time or desire to pick up after your dogs?  Cleaning the yard can be so messy and time consuming.  Don't waste your free time picking up the yard when we can do it for you.   

* We do not dispose of yard waste, you must provide a place for us to dispose it.

Post Surgery Care  $55.00 per hour

Did your pet just have surgery? Do they need a little extra TLC, bandage changing, help getting out for a potty break, medication or fluids needed?  Contact us and we will put our nurse hat on and  take care of your fur baby. 

Dog Field Trips  $45.00 an hour*

Would your pup like a special adventure? We can take them to nearby park or trail where they can get some sniffing and scenery to take in.  This is not a group walk only your pet/s.  We do not take dogs to off leash parks.

Groomer or Vet Appointments $45.00*

Don't have time to get your pet to the groomer or vet? We can help.  We can drop them off and pick them and if needed we can stay with them for  their vet visit.  Please notify us when you schedule this service.  We will need to get the times, vet/groomer address, and phone number.

Grocery Shopping $45.00 per hour *

Hate grocery shopping or too busy to get it done? 

One of sitters will gladly be your personal shopper.

We can also pick up pet food and supplies for you.

Contact us when you schedule this service and we will get your shopping list, store location, and payment information.

Insulin/Medication Administration $25.00 a visit

This service is included with all of our pet sitting visits if your pet requires.  If you need a medication or insulin visit only we are available to stop by and provide administration.

Home Services $15.00 **

Need someone to get your mail, water your plants, or to just check in on your home while your away?  We will be happy to stop by everyday, every other day, or as often as you like.

House Cleaning

Wouldn't it be nice to come home to sparkly clean home?  Your house will be refreshed and ready to relax in when you arrive home. $40.00 an hour. 

*These services may have an added mileage charge depending on the location of destination.

**This service is 10-15 minutes if you have multiple service requests an additional charge may apply.