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 Doggy Daycare, Park Visits, & Enrichment Services

Dog in the Park

We offer some great alternatives to our dog walking and potty break services.  Pets and their needs are not a one size fits all option.   All of our services include GPS monitoring, pet report cards sent to your email after every visit, and includes pictures of your pet. 

Regular weekly scheduled visits-Monday-Friday 9am-3pm

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 Doggy Daycare 

We provide doggy daycare in your home.  We offer this option as an alternative to the traditional doggy daycare setting.  In home doggy daycare can be a good choice if your dog has anxiety, is sensitive to loud noises/too much activity around them, shy/timid, over reactive to other dogs, has medical needs or a disability. 

We will provide a walk, play time out in the yard, enrichment activities, feeding if required, treats if allowed, and snuggle time.   We can also take your pet to a Sniff Spot.    It is your dogs very own private dog park.   Sniff Spots do have to be reserved and their is an extra charge to rent out the spot.   (They are rented out by the hour ) You must also have a Sniff Spot near you.    Sniff Spot sessions are dependent on weather. 

Doggy Day Care Rates:

2 Hours $67.00

4 Hours $120.60

6 Hours $181.00

8 Hours $241.20  

Add On Sniff Spot

$10-$30 an hour depending on Spot.  


Happy dog playing outdoor walking with rubber bone next to cart full of doggy toys and bal

 Sniff Spot 

Imagine your dogs very own dog park!  They can run, play, sniff, or roll around and not have to worry about other dogs imposing in on their fun.  Sniff Spots are privately owned safe environments where your dog can safely run and play.  Great option for shy/timid dogs, older dogs, dogs with anxiety, not friendly with other dogs, doesn't do well for leash walks, or high energy dogs or just a great place for any dog to get out and have some fun with their sitter. 

  Sniff Spots do have to be reserved and their is a charge to rent out the spot.   (They are rented out by the hour ) You must also have a Sniff Spot near you to utilize this service.    Contact us for more information and to see if your dog qualifies for this service. 

These sessions are dependent on weather.

Sniff Spot Rates:

$30.00 an hour which includes transportation to and from location, play time with your pet's sitter, water, and treats. 

To rent the spot it is an extra $10-$30 an hour depending on Spot.  


Dog playing mental exercise scent work game to stimulate brain using nose work skills to f

 Enrichment Visits

    This Service is a work in progress.  It should be up and ready to go by summer time.   We will have fun enrichment activities for your pet to enjoy and stimulate their minds and bodies!  Stay Tuned:) 


Additional Fees: 

 Key pick up/drop off $10.00,  Additional meet & greet $10.00 (initial meet & greet no charge), Holidays $10.00 per visit,  and $2.00 extra for weekend potty breaks.  Out of area services could incur a mileage surcharge depending on distance.  Additional charges will apply if a sitter has to stay longer due to mess clean up, multiple plant watering, extra time to give meds/insulin/fluids, etc.

Cancellation Policies

 Dog walking, potty break, doggy daycare, Sniff Spot, and enrichment services will be charged as followed for cancelled visits:  

Cancelations made the day before will be charged 50%.  Same day visits will be 100% charge.  100% charge if a sitter shows up to a visit and the client is home or forgot to cancel. 

Pet Sitting and Bed&Breakfast Any cancellations 5-7 days before the first scheduled service will be charged 50%. Any cancellations made within 1-4 days of the first scheduled visit will be charged 100%. Anything canceled 8 days or more before the first visit will not be charged a fee.

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