We are a family owned business located in Centerville but serve many locations.  MJ lives with her husband Clint, two sons Jake and Josh and their two dogs Gus a Jack Russell and Owen a Corgi mix.  We treat all the pets in our care like they are part of our family. They really do become such a great and wonderful part of our lives :)

A little bit about MJ:


I have been around animals my entire life.  Growing up I had everything from dogs to lizards.  My parents never knew what they were going to find living in the house.  They were very understanding and never told no and always let me keep my latest stray (we even had a cat we named Stray) or my latest rescue.


As a teenager I worked at a pet store and loved being around all the animals and always loved going to work. I then decided to attend Globe College of Business and graduated with my Associate In Applied Science Degree for Veterinary Technician.  I worked as a Vet Tech for over 10 years and really enjoyed helping with all pets.  I worked in all areas of a clinic including: Assisting with surgeries, post surgical care, dental cleanings, lab duties, office work, and much more.   It was a very rewarding position.

MJ The Critter Sitter was born from my own personal issues regarding putting my pets in a boarding facility when we were out of town or worrying about them when working long hours.  My love of all animals was also a huge motivator to start my own business.  I believe that when we are away from our pets they deserve the very best care and that care should go above and beyond what is expected.  

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Gus and Owen the official mascots of MJ The Critter Sitter.

They love to spend time taking long walks,

laying on the back of the couch keeping an eye on the neighborhood, eating as many treats as they can get, and their most favorite activity is running around at the cabin.  We couldn't ask for better companions.