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Pet Sitting Services 

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All Pet Sitting services listed below include getting the mail, paper and putting your garbage out. We also *water plants and bring in packages.  They also include GPS tracking, pet report cards sent to your email after every visit which include pictures of your pet. 

You can customize our pet sitting visits according to your pet needs.  

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This service is a good option for both dogs & cats.  We will take your dog for walk (if requested), have some play time, snuggle time including belly rubs:)  We will also feed, give fresh water, treats, and administer meds if needed.   This includes 2 hours of service in the evening (or longer by request) and 30 minutes in the morning.  Upon our arrival in the morning we will feed your pet breakfast, and them out for a potty break.  You can add an afternoon visit to your pet's day at an additional charge.  

Time Frames 6-8 pm or 7-9pm with the morning visit between 6-7 am.

$82.80 per night including the am visit.  You can add longer visits upon request.

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 Our pet sitting services  Include: feedings, fresh water, dog walks, litter box cleaning, meds given, playtime/cuddling, checking mail, & home security.   We can also water indoor/outdoor plants (extra charge for more than 3 plants) Also included GPS tracking and pet journals sent right to your email after every visit including pictures of your pets.   Dogs must be seen at least 2 times a day and cats at least once a day.  10% discount when you book 3 or more visits a day.

Dog Sitting 

30 minute visit $24.00

45 minute visit $29.00

60 minutes $34.00

Cat Sitting 

20 minutes $22.00

30 minutes $24.00


Cute pug dog sleep rest in the bed, wrap with blanket and tongue sticking out in the lazy

  This is a very limited service.   We reserve overnights on a case to case basis.  If you are interested in overnights please contact us to discuss if  we can accommodate your request.   Please check out our Bed & Breakfast service above to see if that will be a good alternative.   Overnight rates do not include any additional visits.  If you would like to add an afternoon and or dinner visit applicable rates will apply.

 Standard Overnight Rate  12 hours 7pm-7am $130.00 a night  

Extended Overnight Rate 14 hours 5pm-7am  $150.00 a night 


Additional Fees: 

 Key pick up/drop off $12.00,  Additional meet & greet $12.00 (initial meet & greet no charge), Holidays $12.00 per visit,  and $2.00 extra for weekend potty breaks.  Out of area services could incur a mileage surcharge depending on distance.  Additional charges will apply if a sitter has to stay longer due to mess clean up, multiple plant watering, extra time to give meds/insulin/fluids, etc.

Cancellation Policies

 Dog walking and potty break clients will be charged as followed for cancelled visits:  

Cancelations made the day before will be charged 50%.  Same day visits will be 100% charge.  100% charge if a sitter shows up to a visit and the client is home or forgot to cancel.  100% charge if your sitter arrives and is unable to enter due to a faulty key pad.

Pet Sitting, Overnights, and Bed & Breakfast : Any cancellations 5-7 days before the first scheduled service will be charged 50%. Any cancellations made within 1-4 days of the first scheduled visit will be charged 100%. Anything canceled 8 days or more before the first visit will not be charged a fee.

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