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 Dog Walking and Potty Breaks/Yard Play 

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We offer walks or potty breaks depending on what your pup prefers. We can also help with new puppies.  Our goal is to give your dog(s) some exercise, allow them to have potty time and provide some mental stimulation.  You can choose any amount of time from 20-60 minutes. When we are done with the walk,  potty break or puppy visit we make sure paws are wiped, fresh water is provided and give lots of belly rubs.

Regular weekly scheduled visits-Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

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 Dog Walking 

Whether it's a stroll or walk through the neighborhood our goal is to give your dog some exercise, allow them to relieve themselves and provide some mental stimulation.   When we are done with our walk, we will make sure your pup has fresh water and a treat if allowed.  Also included GPS tracking and a pet report card sent to your email after every visit and includes pictures of your pets. 

20 Minutes $22.00

30 Minutes $24.00

45 Minutes $29.00

60 Minutes $34.00

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 Yard Play/Potty Breaks

 Yard  Play/Potty Breaks 

 This is a great option if you have an elderly pet, puppy, or a pup that doesn't do well on a leash.  Also, a good option if you have multiple dogs.  We will spend time outside for a potty break, play time, or just hanging out enjoying the weather.  Also, includes GPS tracking, pet journals sent to your email after every visit including pictures of your pets.

20 minutes $22.00

30 Minutes $24.00

45 Minutes $29.00

60 Minutes $34.00

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 Puppy Visits 

Getting a new puppy is exciting!  It's also a lot of work and we can help ease some of your work and be a great resource for you and your puppy.   Our visits consist of play time,  potty training, and socialization.   We can stop by multiple times a day if needed.

30 minute visit $24.00

2 30 minute visits $43.20

3 30 minute visits $64.80


Additional Fees: 

 Key pick up/drop off $12.00,  Additional meet & greet $12.00 (initial meet & greet no charge), Holidays $12.00 per visit,  and $2.00 extra for weekend potty breaks.  Out of area services could incur a mileage surcharge depending on distance.  Additional charges will apply if a sitter has to stay longer due to mess clean up, multiple plant watering, extra time to give meds/insulin/fluids, etc.

Cancellation Policies

 Dog walking and potty break clients will be charged as follows for cancelled visits:  

Cancelations made the day before will be charged 50%.  Same day visits will be 100% charge.  100% charge if a sitter shows up to a visit and the client is home or forgot to cancel.  100% charge if your sitter arrives and is not able to enter due to a faulty 

key pad. 


Pet Sitting, overnights, and Bed & Breakfast: Any cancellations 5-7 days before the first scheduled service will be charged 50%. Any cancellations made within 1-4 days of the first scheduled visit will be charged 100%. Anything canceled 8 days or more before the first visit will not be charged a fee.

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