Tail wagging time 

Monday-Friday 5pm-8pm

Tail wagging time is perfect for those who have to work late, invited out for drinks, stuck in traffic, etc.  No need to rush home or be stressed out about your pet  we will be happy to stop by and walk, feed, exercise, or do a simple potty break for your pet.

$1.00 off 20 minute potty breaks/walks

$2.00 off 30 minute potty breaks/walks

Rescue/Adopt a pet discount

Have you recently adopted or rescued a pet?

Rescued and adopted pets can experience stress/anxiety when brought into a new home and need consistency, time to adjust to their new surroundings, sometimes depending on their past experiences they need to learn to trust their new family and might need help with socializing.   We can help with these very important adjustments.  Dog walking visits and potty breaks can help with socialization and give them security that they can count on someone to be there for them when you cannot which can also help with anxiety.   Pet sitting can help with saving them the anxiety from being at a boarding facility in unfamiliar  surroundings. They can stay home where they are comfortable and familiar  with their surroundings. 

If you are a new client and have just adopted or rescued a new pet we are offering you a 20% discount for your first month of dog walking services or your first set of pet sitting services.

Client referrals 

Do you have friends, neighbors, family, or co-workers that are looking for pet services?

 If you are happy with our services please pass the word along to other pet owners in need of pet services.  

*For every client that you send to us you will receive a free dog walk, potty break, or pet sitting service (does not include overnight services)

*The client you refer must book a service with us in order for you to receive the free visit.


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