Services and Rates

All of our services are GPS tracked and monitor start time, end time, & a map of all dog walks. 

You will receive via email a pet journal with complete details regarding every visit and includes a picture of your pet.

Dog Walking & Potty Breaks

This is a great option for pet owners who work long hours, have a high energy dog, or would like to go out after work.



20 minute visits $18.00

30 minute visits $20.00

45 minute visits $30.00

60 minute visits $40.00

*Rate for off hours $2.00 additional fee

20% Weekly discount for any dog walking or potty break services that are scheduled Monday-Friday 

Dog walks are available Monday through Friday 9 am-4 pm.*

We will take your best friend out for their very own private walk accompanied by some one on one TLC.   

If your best friend prefers a more relaxed visit we will hang out and play outside or just provide some company along with a potty break. 

Pet Sitting Services  


Our pet sitting service will...

- Allow your pet to stay in the comfort of their own home.

- Lower their stress level while your away.

- Give them some social interaction and playtime.

- Give you peace of mind knowing that your pets are well taken care of.


20 minute cat visits $18.00 

30 minute dog visits $22.00

3 pet sitting visits a day (recommended for dogs) $61.00

4 pet sitting visits a day $83.00 (recommended for dogs)

45 minute visits $30.00

1 hour visits $40.00

*Off hours rate add an extra $3.00

Pet sitting is available 365 days a year  8 am - 10 pm.*

 All of our pet sitting services include: 

 Feeding, fresh water, playtime, litter boxes cleaned, a walk, medication given, lots of love and any other basic pet needs.  

Also included with pet sitting services:

mail collection, packages brought in, newspaper picked up, garbage and recycles taken care of, plants watered, and other minor household tasks. 


Overnight Sitting

Worried about leaving your pet alone overnight?


No kennels or boarding! Pets get to stay at home and enjoy the comfort of their own environment!


Your home is occupied for at least 10 hours overnight by an insured and bonded staff member.


Pets stay with their regular morning, evening, and sleeping schedules. Stress FREE


Overnight only $75.00 (cats only)

Overnight including an afternoon visit. (Recommended for dogs) $105.00

Afternoon visit is 30 minutes and included with the overnight.  If you would like a longer afternoon visit the rates are as follows: 

45 minute visit included with overnight $25.00

60 minute visit included with overnight $35.00

If you would like to add a dinner visit with the overnight 

30 minute visit $20.00

If you need any additional visits the rates are as follows:

  30 minute visits $22.00

20 minute visits $20.00

45 minute visit $30.00

60 minute visits $40.00


 Puppy Services

We can help you and your new puppy get on the road to successful potty training. We can customize a training program that meets the needs and demands of your puppy and your lifestyle and budget.


30 minutes $18.00

If you need multiple visits a day contact us for special discounts.

Puppy visits are available Monday through Friday 9 am-4 pm.*

 We can provide daily breaks for your new addition.  Depending on your schedule we provide up to 3 visits a day to help your puppy develop a potty training routine and to have some social interaction.  


 Horse Care 

Are you looking for someone reliable and knowledgeable to take care of your horses or livestock while your away? ​

We offer both farm and horse sitting at your home.  We can stay overnight or do visits throughout the day.


Basic rate $30.00 per half an hour. Rates can vary depending on chores that need to be done and number of animals that need care.

Contact us regarding visit times.

We provide the following:

Turn in and turn out



Blankets on/off

Fly spraying

If you need a service not listed contact us.

Additional Services 


 Does your pet need a nail trim, medication or insulin injection or maybe you would like your yard cleaned up.

 Check out all of our additional services and rates

Additional Services:

Nail trims

Yard clean up

Post surgery care

Dog Field Trips

Groomer/Vet Appointments

Grocery Shopping

Insulin/Medication Given

Home Services

House Cleaning


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