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Book us for dog walks 2-3 days a week and receive 20% off services.  This deal applies to 30 minute and 45 minute visits.

 Winter Walking Deals

 Are you working from home? Helping the kids with distance learning? Or maybe you don't want to be out in the cold walking the dog.  We can help! 

 Lets face it, winter is tough and it can be so difficult to get motivated to go outside but our pups still want and need their walks.   

*We provide dog walks all year long and would love to get your furry friend out and about.  Most dogs love the winter especially if it's snowing:)  They are able to get their daily exercise, do a little sniffing to check out what the other dogs in the neighborhood have been up to, and enjoy the cooler weather. 

We can also help you out if your busy working from home or helping the kids with their school work.

Check out our deals and contact us to get a schedule set up.

*We do not walk dogs in the extreme cold or wind chills.  If you are home you can cancel any walks due to the weather.  If you are not home we will do a quick potty break and spend time inside to play for the remainder of our the visit.

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Book us for dog walks 4-5 days a week and receive 30% off of services.  This deal applies to 30 minute and 45 minute visits.


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