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MJ The Critter Sitter keeping pets happy and comfortable at home since 2009

We provide quality, professional, and reliable care for your pets and your home when you cannot be there. Whether you are away on vacation, business or just working long hours we can be there to help you and your pets!

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Our services include dog walking, pet sitting, puppy services, overnight pet sitting, and horse care.  

Our services are available 365 days a year!

 We offer all inclusive services:

Dog Walking 

In home pet sitting 

Puppy services

Horse Care

Overnight pet sitting

Administration of oral meds 

Insulin and sub-q fluids 

Litter box cleaning

Plant watering

Mail pick up

Feeding & fresh water

Exercise/Play time

and more.....

We give you peace of mind

All of our visits are GPS tracked & monitor start & end times.

We are insured & bonded.

After each visit we send a pet journal to your email with all the details of our visit including pictures of your pet.

We work as a team. If your sitter is unavailable there is always a back up sitter.

Background checks are done on all sitters before they start and then again once a year.

Benefits of using our client portal.

You can book all of our services online.

Our client portal allows you to set up a profile for you and your pets, You can update at anytime.

Your profile information gives us helpful information regarding your pet's needs, household information, and veterinary information.

Receive and pay invoices online.

Upload pictures of your pets.

View payment history. 

Dog Walking & Potty Breaks


A tired dog is a good dog!  Exercise is very important for dogs of all sizes and ages.  MJ The Critter Sitter  provides dog walks ranging from 20 to 60 minutes.  Our dog walking services can be provided weekly or on an as needed basis. We will come to your home and provide one-on-one time with your dog.  We can go for a leashed walk, yard play, potty time, feeding, or any combination.  

 "Thanks so much for the great job you are doing! Maggie seems so happy when I get home and I love not worrying about racing home to let her out"   
Beth-Lino Lakes 

Puppy Care


Puppy love is a wonderful thing, it can also be frustrating and  exhausting.   We can help!   

You want your puppy to be sociable, affectionate and you also want to help them with potty training.  MJ The Critter Sitter offers 1-3  visits a day to help with potty training and puppy socialization.   

"You have a terrific service!  We appreciate the work you do and felt great about our experience".
Brian-Lino Lakes

Pet Sitting


 Our pet sitting services are great for dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, and ferrets.  Do you have an upcoming vacation, business trip, or weekend get away? Our In-home visits are typically 20-30 minutes but we also offer 1 hour visits. All pet sitting visits include feeding, refreshing water, cleaning cages and litter boxes, play time, medications given, and snuggle time.  We will also bring in your mail, packages, water plants, take down and bring up garbage/recycles, and other small household tasks. 

" We are comfortable each day at work knowing our pets are well taken care of" 
Scott & Sharon-Hugo 

Overnight Care


 Clients and their pets love our overnight service. Overnights start with an afternoon visit which can include a walk and your sitter than returns in the evening to spend the night with your pet.  You can also add a dinner visit for an additional charge.  We will customize your visits to suit your pet's needs and provide the routine they are familiar with. Our goal is to provide a routine as close to their own as possible. 

" We  can't thank you enough for the great care you provide for our kitties!"

About Us

 MJ The Critter Sitter is experienced, flexible, professional, and we offer a variety of in-home professional pet sitting services including daily dog walks and potty breaks.  We also provide overnight pet care, medication administration including giving fluids and insulin.  We keep your pet happy and healthy at home.  Our variety of pet care services are designed to work around your personal schedule.  We understand that your pets are your best friends and a huge part of your family and that's exactly how we treat them, like family, because once your a client you are part of our furry family. We offer a free meet and greet consultation for all first-time clients. This is a great opportunity for you and your pet to meet your sitter, learn your pet's routine, find out about their favorite toys, and if they enjoy belly rubs or any other must have petting spots.  We strive to give that personalized attention and give your pet what they deserve.

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