Consultation:  We offer a free meet and greet. Meet and greets are required prior to starting any service. The purpose of the consultation is for you to meet your sitter and for us to meet you and your pets prior to the first scheduled visits. We will review your information and pet(s) and home routine and test the keys at the consultation. All clients will have a back up sitter available in case the primary sitter is unable to make a scheduled visit. We also assign 2 sitters to certain clients . This is due to the availability of our sitters. When 2 sitters are sharing a service you will be able to meet both.


Keys:  We do require a key plus garage code or two keys for all pet sitting visits. For dog walking and potty breaks a garage code is the only requirement. Keys must be provided at the time of the consultation. Please test keys prior to the consultation. We prefer to keep the keys in our locked key box for future pet sitting visits. Keys are no way marked to associate them with a client address or pet. We also offer a lockbox option and will use a lock box when there will be 2 sitters sharing a service. Keys are returned free (via mail or in person) after the first two pet sitting jobs. After that there is a $10 fee (each way – pick up before pet sitting job and delivery after completion of the pet sitting job) for those preferring this option. There is no charge if keys are kept in our lock box.


Minimum Visits:  Cats must be visited a minimum of once per every other day. Dogs must be visited no less than twice per day. If you have a special situation, please call to discuss.


Service Sharing  Jobs shared between MJ The Critter Sitter and others, such as friends and neighbors, invalidates MJ The Critter Sitter pet sitters’ insurance. This also applies to others on the property during the same period as MJ The Critter Sitter. This includes lawn care specialists, cleaning contractors, repair persons, etc.


Cleaning Requirements:  We clean accidents in the home to the best of our ability. We are only responsible for your pet during contracted times. Messes will be cleaned with a cleaning product provided or approved by the home owner. We are not responsible for any damages/stains caused by the pet during our visits.


Cancellation Policy: We understand that from time to time, plans change. In order to best serve all of our clients, dog walking visits must be cancelled by 10:00 am the day of service, and a 3 week cancellation policy stands for overnight visits and a 1 week cancellation policy stands for pet sitting visits.


Dog Walks: All dogs are walked on a leash. We do not do off leash walking or dog parks. We do not do pack walking and only walk dogs together that are in the same family.


Rights/Reservations: MJ The Critter Sitter reserves the right to choose to cancel services. The safety and security of the company and persons providing services are very important, we have policies in place to protect our clients, their pets, and our staff.


Thank you for your cooperation